it comes in threes

ugh, girl of some dreams
mirita. dressed up,

craiglist hookup


what a still night, what a weird still night
lightening right above you, that doesn’t happen

why can’t I see you more?

the storm was all around us, but there was not wind.
the trees did not move. the light up above moved
that was all.

I think a tornado is coming.


writing stuff on a post-it
wasting time
waiting for the bathroom

a line of one:
that’s me.
you’re probably wondering
how I got here…

freeze frame,

haha, that was a good joke
–hope I don’t piss my pants–

sometimes things go in reverse.
sometimes the end was the beginning.

this is one of those times.

April 21, 2012

Shifting in my seat, a movement from the door–
a shake–wakes me up. Who’s there?

No one, save the wind. See, I sit in the living room;
behind a door is my bed, and above my bed, a window.

A stale smell started to occupy my sleep quarters so
I decided to air things out. Now wind travels in and

out, freshening things up, giving the room a warm touch.
Still, a second goes by where I think our apartment is