skulking around

contrary to koyczan’s theory,
people fall for each other at

vastly different speeds. you have
sudden crushes, minor collapses,
dead drops.


A skulk is a group of foxes.


through the door dungeon

a spider, a monkey, a holy spirit,
a man you once loved, and just

a dungeon of doors.
metal, wood, metal
and wood; glass

what a terrible adventure.


over & over again
is life
& off the swivel chair
into traffic & then back to the office
over & over again.

researching gold, the wiki
page is an information mine.

they say the element was
produced in a supernova:
nucleosynthesis. you know
those tiny dots in the sky?
the stars, silly. “don’t talk
about work

right now,” I’m not. but the stars.
that’s them colliding. dead stars.
ghost stars colliding.
& after,
the dust,
there’s gold in there.
“what?” she asked.


nothing leads to nothing

You were nova

To fall is not the goal, still,
they all try for that anyway.

It’s in me to care about someone,
but not too much, because (why not?)

why bother? A star could see me
and I would rebuff. Not bright

enough. You were nova though,
super in nature and bigger than

the other giants; bluer also.

God, what a heat! ‘Toss the cosmos
upside down’ they all preach. No one
has that time.