french holidays

happy easter, honey.

I hope your sister doesn’t get abused
by her husband, your brother-in-law.

hopefully you find some eggs today with
candy, and I hope your new boyfriend

likes going down on you, and you figure
out how to cum. later, I hope that when you get

pregnant it’s because you wanted to,
and not that your husband just really needed

a boy, (“and anyway, he travels so much!”)
and I hope labor is easy and there are

no complications. I hope your kids are great

and I hope that I never meet them.


when we hang out,
we circle each other
with our phones out.

screens are shared,
we pretend to care,
it’s fun with a phone out.

maybe it’s cloudy
or maybe the sun shines
hey, check out this cat

I got a match, he looks
cute, oh, Shelly never
texted me back. I say
she’s out.

backing out of a
friend date, what a
flake. get the phone out,

check the date. mom
says pizza tonight. I’ll
meet you out back

after my dad has passed
out and my brother gets
stoned with his friends

we can go