A poem a day

I’m going for it, guys. I’m going to write a poem a day. And not for a year, but forever, potentially. I say this because I will continue writing, at the very least, one new poem everyday until I tire of the process. “That doesn’t leave the potential for you to write a daily poem forever, Shane,” you may be thinking. “Seeing as how all humans are mortal, one day you will die and cease to produce poems.” To that, I have this to say:

Heads in jars. Futurama did it. Maybe we’ll all gain Rasputin-like powers later on and be able to party and make masturbatory wordpress sites forever. Or maybe… just maybe, angels get a good wi-fi signal. Well, that’s my dream anyway. Wi-fi in heaven. And sex. You think we can fuck in heaven? I mean, would it be heaven if we couldn’t do whatever we wanted? Do I have a misunderstanding of what heaven is supposed to be? Does the general Christian conception of heaven sync up with my vision of massive mansion-orgies, containing unlimited supplies of ginger ale and various baked goods? But I digress, obviously.

In conclusion, I’d like to mention that the likelihood of this making it past a hundred poems, much less 365 is slim. But I don’t have a set goal. The process, I suppose, will act as some sort of daily, literary exercise. We’ll see how it goes.