foggy mems

burned the coffee thinking of words
to use when writing about you.
(what word rhymes with commission?)

I’m still kinda missing that one night
where we, where uh, well, we watched
that movie at the friend’s apartment who

had the dog that was scared of me (“she
just doesn’t like GUYS”). we posted
up in summer night seriousness and

even though we were stoned you would
flash some steel sober looks at me, and I
left awed, staggered: who’s this chick?

you know, the coffee dripped out okay,
but I still don’t know what details to
add and what to give an omission.

Small spotted dog, et al

every shy white girl I meet either
loves or loathes me. there is no
in between.


a sick looking avocado, a slice of ham on a thick plastic plate.
she scoops out interior and this is office lunch   .

it’s queasy green inside this thick-skinned fruit, and I get outta
there before I can catch a squelch
with my ears . I got office fantasy bad this time of year.

it’s somethingaround the neck, it’s the heat, it’s a flinch of the brain
to halt that base boredom that lingers throughout office spaces.


no offense, but if I ever admitted my crush,
you look like the kind of girl that would say
‘ohh, nooo,’ while laughing, leaning back in your chair as the host
cackles along leaning forward, into his desk.

and the studio audience would all laugh, and I would HAVE
to put on a fake smile and sip my whatever-it-is-they-put-in-those-mugs
because let’s be honest people, it isn’t coffee, and do a little fake

chuckle and hope– god, I hope your husband isn’t waiting for me backstage.


Small spotted dog by the roadside paws around for something edible.
That’s roadkill waiting to happen.

Dark brown eyebrows & yellow hair is what I’m after. Nothing ever changes.

snips & snaps

chase a vodka shot with hot sauce,
snap some lemon juice into that coffee,

replace the Rolling Rock with a cigarette,
(no one cares about brand but these are Marlboro)

make mine a rap/hip hop playlist, you know
I’m friends with African Americans, so now everyone

can know. she’ll glare at you if you order well, if
your card gets rejected, if you’ve got an Ivy league
sweater on, etc.

it’s hard to garner anything in this city, too. chase
the girl out of the room with a creepy line, maybe
touch her knee without solicitation. you can get it done.

dude, don’t drink and smoke and eat mushrooms.
the room does more spinning


I want, I want, I want
god, we’re greedy, and
I’m the greediest. I am.


a girl who goes back for seconds on
coffee. this way it makes sense I make
so much.


there’s laughter, and he says ‘thought
you said “ginger studies,”‘ and of course
she is laughing and corrects him.

‘what’s that?’ he asks with a giggle
still on his breath, and of course, she,
still with a smile starts to explain

why anyone would need to study