May 12, 2011

do not speak to me of assassination and vindication
do not speak to me of nationalism, patriotism, the flag,
uncle sam
do not speak to me of the right and the left; conservatives
and liberals
do not speak to me of entitlement, manifest destiny, colonization,
globalization, WTO, bailouts…

I will not listen to old men rattle on democracy, fascism,
I have fallen out of fascination with the activists, the intellectuals, the
idiot elite, religious zealots,

the dollar, the euro, the pound, the peso, the lira,
the franc, the rupee, the yen

I don’t care what a region or state, or continent, or country is;
the ivory tower can wash away, whatever does it, shit, piss, cum

I’d no sooner be a rebel than I would police; both bore me. the artists,
the athletes, the stars, the politicians, and the mothers, and the murderers,
and the heroes: martyrs, fakes, saints, firefighters, etc, etc,

none of it is enough, none of it can touch me, and I could care less
call me mr. ambivalent, please.

my youth is enough for me
for today, and tomorrow, and the next day
and some time after that, too.



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