April 1, 2011

Sometimes I think of those letters I never sent.
Let’s wonder/ think; how many bridges have I burned?
And hey! why don’t we count all those sweaters I lent
you? We can forget about the boxers; I’ve learned
(or let’s say: conditioned myself) to be a gent.
Lemon has been handed to me by Life; I turned
the fucker down. Who likes Lemon? Really, I yearned
for her. I’ll eat her, peel and all. This puts a dent
in my credibility, yeah? I’m a liar
now I suppose. To turn Life down. Life itself, man!
It can’t be beyond bad, baby. I’m still alive
aren’t I? Well yes, precisely; watch for the fire
though. God? Yes, and Shane? I am not your biggest fan
either. Yeah? Well suck it; why am I still alive?



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