here comes another dream poem

yo, you straight up ditched on a date
in my dream. or, rather, you rejected my invitation
out for drinks
in my very own dream. wild. the indifference
is astounding. I am astounded.


it was so much
like a switch
the way you went from pulling me in for a kiss,
a giggle,
and then kicking me out of your apartment
before 9 am. on / off
jesus christ, you didn’t even go to church that one time.
I like brunch, you know. I can laugh and talk
about fashion with the rest of the girls.


I had a crazy fantasy. I fantasized about having a wife
for the first time in
probably years, I don’t know.

fantasy wife, wild. she was a grad student and I
was a professor (laughable) and I was older
but not bent yet, and she had long black hair
and quoted William Carlos Williams to me,
and I asked her to marry me in the kitchen.

she always wore black, too; I didn’t know her
name. maybe it’s an omen, this fantasy.
maybe the witches are closing in.


you hadn’t heard of The Band before.
now ‘Ophelia’ always makes me think of you.
what a curse. goddamn,
ma’am, am I to be slapped by your face
hitting my thoughts every time Levon sings
‘boards on the window
mail by the door’?

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