savoir faire

yes, it’s true, it’s been a while since a girl
like you has made my arms go numb and

my mind all shaky. like you. like anyone,
seems like. my heart can be described through

bad metaphor; as in, compared to cracked stone
or dirty ice, or dull and metal.

really it’s just flesh, and it twitches and spurts just
like all the rest.
and you, you make it beat hard like unwanted
stomp yard sounds.
get me off the ground, and then, please, leave
me alone. I can’t
stand how I pant in your presence, and you, serenely

turning to anyone, saying something casual like,
“he tried to kiss me again”

2 thoughts on “savoir faire

  1. I love the journeys your poems take. And the arrivals – unforeseen, yet once seen seem to be the perfect place for the journey to end.

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