it was bad then too

tony bennett is channeling some old school dino
in this cover of ‘mountain greenery.’ he makes it sound
so modern

I’m surprised when I find the song was published in
1926! what a year

I suppose. I was not alive, but it is only 4 years before
clint eastwood was born

and he is in the news now because of his comments
on american politics,

so this all seems relevant somehow. it is 2016. not 2012.
after reading a review
on ‘salon’ for some sure-to-be shitty super hero romp–
suicide squad–

there is a picture that looks like it could be the edge of
some white skin
and I scroll quickly to see it’s only french fries in a close-up.

it was moving day a couple of days ago for me, but I can’t afford
to throw my job away, tony. and it’s summer here in texas,

and we’ll all be swinging to a new tune soon. we lean red hard
here in the lone star state.

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