let’s ask our panel of judges

the impermanence of mutual human affection
is like, just the worst
truth out there, y’know?
so let’s
keep away the evil vibes & bad spirits
with a shot of spirit: vodka/whiskey/gin.
pop it back, let out a breath, grab an ear
to whisper something in to, do it all again.

and think
oh, what a place the world would be
if people could take hints
not wrapped in bricks
I’ve got a question: how do you drink three glasses of moderately priced
red blend & not sport wine lips? it’s a mild miracle,
& I’m into it. do you think we could bend this
friendship into a French flick?

it’s that way you talk to yourself,
quiet and quite sure no one is the wiser.

here it is, here

I need a girl with eyes that work like mine,
that see what mine see, roughly.

fast clouds track over a moon
a few notches past full.

it’s friday the 13, &
you don’t have time for this bull.

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