what happens after you go to a show?

shakey graves followed dr. dog in that two
set night at the outdoor stubbs stage.

I found you,
well, I can’t remember when. sometime
in between sets, and you looked terrified

at my detective skills. I went for the hug,
and accepting it your eyes shot wide

and stayed that way till I parted, stumbling,
off to grab cheap beer for a notsocheap price.

music magic that night. man, I imagined you
on the shoulders of that business major

during ‘dearly departed.’ dude was tall.
I had only spotted as far as his shoulders & neck,
and I can bet, yes, his face was the best
tall & white has to offer these days. a real
golden boy, I’d wager. hey, whatever fills
your boat, as long as the little man is happy

I’ll bet you’re all grins.

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