can’t believe I wasted a shooting star on you

The old man asked if he had heard of me

Oh no,
I am minor
in an extraordinary
sense, or

to a remarkable degree.
Take your pick.

He was intrigued by me having written poetry.


Stay five years, get the whole she-bang. Goddamn what a deal.

‘When I retire I will…’
buy & run a Walgreens

‘My interest in retirement is…’
let’s just say I’m not that invested. ha.

Listening to Roth contribution, retirement,
work shit.
Noticing the sunrises-&-sets pictures that
littered the literature Kelly had passed out
it dawns on me that this kind of talk is for people who care about money.
I don’t care about money.


can’t believe I wasted a shooting star on you


Absolutely no talent at the Brew on a Friday morning.

Sure, the sky is overcast, but the sun lights it too harsh
for all the hungover hunnies cuddling in bed with a one-

night stand or a long-term partner, maybe. They are the jobless;

or they have called in due to self-imposed sickness. C’mon love,

chug a Gatorade before bed, or take down a hamburger.

Maybe some early morning rough and tumble under a duvet
will set the headache aside. Try. I’ll write a fiction on it.
I’m getting car burned,
accepting it.


You cannot retire before 18. Kelly told me.
1 – 50%, what a deal?!
The government watches it, though,
just like everything.

‘By way of introduction,’

Carl says.
I can’t imagine it’s spelled with a ‘K’
Kelly & Carl, what a team.

Roth contributions,
Roth contributions,
Who is Roth?


Allocate, retire, collect gold, precious gems,
and paper money.
Let’s consolidate general experiences,
make life as safe as possible.


oh thank god, carl is talking now

prudential + fidelity want me to care about how
I allocate my money
so badly, + I wonder why.

I can’t help but wonder why.


I finally did that card trick
Christmas Day.
After thoroughly enjoying the
Counting Crows
off a New Year Mix; we were pumping
it early.

This city is starting to get that lonely stink
Fist to the face, hand to cheek, hit that missing link.

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