For The Girl Reading Murakami in a Eunice Coffee Shop

Before she sat down the book was placed on a chair.
“1Q84.” I had read it before and was surprised to see the thing

appear in this town, on this hour, on Black Friday. She had an REI jacket on,
and I can’t remember if it was fleece or not. She stood around the book shelf

picking at blockbuster titles from the late 90s by Clancy, Steel, and Koontz.

Once she got her order, she took up the Murakami
and plopped down
near where I was sitting, and she started up on her phone. Text, text, text…

And I started to pack up,
but before I left I knew I would want to say something,
so, I did.

Oh, I caught her attention with a question,
and we locked eyes just for a second:

‘it’s trippy,’ I offered; and she was some hundred pages in,
‘at just under a week,’ she said. She liked it. Aomome had discovered
the second world.

‘It gets weirder.’

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