snap snap snap snap

Rain sprinkles off gray-day clouds,
and spritzes his windshield while he blasts
the theme to Ghostbusters.

He is high
on life, sipping orange soda from a straw
connected to the bottom of a can.


So, well, she didn’t (and I thought
maybe she did, at first) have on boots,

which was fine, and great. She wore flats,
fun looking, and what was on that left
hand finger, I wonder?


Breaking my back just to find an excuse to be in your neighborhood,
I find one, breaking little,
but there is a break, and I’m there, in the ‘hood, so it worked.


This IQ test reminds me of SET. Game and go.

You and I sharpened each other up
like whetstones. We deigned to dare, or dared to deign.
I cannot remember definitions
unless you’re helping me, but you don’t anymore.

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