the witless one

if she neglects to notice your eye color, well, that’s fantastic,
because, see,
she probably has poor eyesight in other areas too.

maybe your foibles and flaws, (even the massive ones)
will go un-
observed for longer than usual, and you guys can be

happy for the normal amount of time everyone else
seems to get.
don’t hold your breath though, sir. she appears sharp

as a tactful swordsman, dancing around his opponent,
rather relentlessly, till the collapse happens. that’s how

she appears! don’t get mad at me, I’m only being honest.
what a flaw
falling for others is; don’t hit me, let me drink my beer.

here is my point: there are some promising aspects to her
in relation to the world around her.
one for instance, is that
your imperfections will stay unlit and shadowed for a while.
that’s good.
two, love is more likely to fly in and out with ease
and speed. also good, good riddance that is, or will be. no one
enjoys the sentiment, especially today. it’s so passe.
three, and don’t, don’t hit me,

yes, err, could I have another shiner, and my buddy will have
a screwdriver, yes, keep it open, thank you.

don’t, just listen.
three, my point is, three. I forget. but, here’s my point. the girl
is blind.

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