Blues like these blues

Blues can make you happy, especially if they’re live & outside,
paired with a sky of a similar shade, fading from baby-bird eggshell
to yellows & pinks, oranges & darker reds.

Even when you’re mostly accompanied by the living dead, the real-
life zombie folk who will try to kill you with dread talk; of finances
& artificial responsibility; & crowds; & warnings about
staying out late, lit-up, tipsy,
& brimming with a lust to be alive.

Even then, the blues can make you happy.
So, here we are, sipping flask-whiskey–a mixture of the cheap & rich–
listening to Marcia tear up a guitar, shielding our eyes from the fire-light
reflecting off Austin’s ever-glowing skyline. We’re trying so hard, aren’t we?

I won’t deny it, I’m filled with a
certain hole,
but blues like these blues make
me feel whole.

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