January 10, 2015

Where’s the call? Hands are up in the air,
there’s a curious look in the eye,

and goddammit, of course I care. We are all
accustomed to being ignored. It’s old hat by now

dear, but still, when there’s a sting of cold,
and the sun sets, a little choice ignorance goes

a long way. Uh huh, sure I know; you’re used to
it, and I live the scenario. Were you aware there’s
a train in my backyard? Have you ever even seen my
dog? Why do I even try to give you the time of day?

Riddle me this, man: a slut in the east, a stud
in the west, and a bitch in the bed.
When all is said and done, think who led:
I think we could all stand to see a little blood.

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