Out of Context #1

These are some lines from my 2013 nanowrimo I almost certainly won’t complete. Here:

“I’m just warning you that there’s going to be an intervention, Fred,” Ryan’s eyes were bloodshot and he was trying to ash all too frequently.


Then he remembered he had scrapped the thing for parts three nights ago at six to four in the morning. It had been two months since Ged discovered a seemingly parallel universe coexisting just within spectral or paranormal reach. He was giddy


Surely it was a number of things: The sparsely and low lit atmosphere; the shitty pool tables; the grungy, punk, hip-hop filled jukebox; the drink specials; spunky bartenders; sullen barbacks. It was a familiarity in the end.


He slammed his fifty cent, cereal-box-quality compass into the ground. It was spinning madly. The gusts of wind were becoming more frequent. Even though the night was cloudless the wind threatened like a storm.


She accepted. The next cigarette was spent discussing wine regions, and which ones around the world were vastly underrated. James waited patiently, panting, blinking past stray wisps of smoke.

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