Things I Want, Things We Need

Slumping from one day to the next
I miss you hard and slow. Everyday

or, nearly everyday into my thoughts
you come and go. It’s toxic, I know.

But stop the hate and, wait. Remember

we used to laugh at Harlem together.
Friends of a feather, birds together,
we’d wreck streets and sidewalks with

a madman’s chemistry. How you’d laugh
even though my jokes were Dad in nature.

I don’t miss your touch or kisses, or
whatever, the sex in bathrooms or on futons,

but Jesus, your voice, and the kind way
we’d eat sushi on a Thursday. Godzilla roll
and more. What I wouldn’t give to see you in my doorway,
ready to talk, then pass. You’d offer me info on your life,
nothing more. We’d hug, then, through that door. Bye girl!
Haha. I promise: I loved you more.

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