Two weeks of what?

Not having a laptop of my own has been killing my productivity, it seems. Not that I haven’t been writing, but I can’t ever muster up the courage to sit down and put what I’ve created onto a bright, white text document page. (Something about this particular keyboard maybe?)

I’ve wondered about just scanning all of my scribblings from scraps of paper, composition pages, notebook notations, and throwing them up online as opposed to rewriting them through the computer. Of course that would be the lazy way out. Oh, yeah, sure. It might look kind of cool. And everyone would get to see my dumb little drawings of monsters, eyeballs and the occasional set of cartoon breasts, but I’d be missing an editing step. Everything turns out shit when put directly from brain to pen to (literal) paper. No, I’ve got to sit my ass down and pound out some prose or poetry straight from the notebook, and in the process fix the problem parts. And let’s face it gals and guys: they’re all problem parts in the beginning. 

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of this dog being dumb or cool or I don’t know. Dogs are dogs. 

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