In case you were wondering

I was inspired by a friend to write this piece, a little twist on a theme, I guess.
(Please Christine! Be flattered and don’t sue me, or whatever.)


1. I’m not sure you’re aware, but you seem to unconditionally help whomever you come in contact with. I can’t think of anyone more grounded in their sense of ethics. Oh, and you’re unwaveringly beautiful.

2. I know a lot of artists. A lot. You are the best by far, and you pull off Halloween costumes with a nonchalance that makes me blush.

3. It’s a certain brand of catalytic chaos-affection; I don’t know what to do with it.

4. Standing out, in and around nature, you’re always the best part. You even put the birds to shame. It’s that voice, and in the way you wear that jacket.

5. Hot tub queen, your smile gets me drunk. Like, really drunk. It’s state-altering.

6. Museums seem to be your home. As in, you’re very good in them. It makes me giddy. You’re like a little fire sprite, pointing out the Picasso, Matisse, what have you. It’s humbling and enchanting.

7. God, you’ve got crazy drive. It’s intimidating, but in an inspirational way, y’know?

8. Very smooth, you can occupy and steer a conversation involving Fritz Lang like no other.

9. It’s uncanny how much you remind me of those John Waterhouse paintings. You’ve got this soft and perfect way you carry yourself, but it’s offset by your tongue and sharp honesty. Striking.

10. A dancer, huh? Your trust was staggering. I miss it.

11. Despite my relative indifference to them, your tattoo (you know the one) still stuns me. It works on levels, man. It’s really quite something.

12. You wear everything better than everyone else. Honestly. Underwear, makeup, dresses, shirts, (my shirts, my boxers,) skirts, pants, etc, etc. The best part is you don’t even care. You might not even be aware. It’s that and the way your eyes saucer up and your lips just barely start to smile… guh. Just, guh.

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