the ironing of the underwear
was the first
of the unexpected turn-ons

the mouth breathing
was discovered soon after

that green bikini top that
finely with those blue eyes

smoking, drinking,

to discover the attraction
I had to dig
deep; take a plunge into

my psyche
and really figure the fetishes out

but back to the pills:
the lying, oh the lying

no trick was needed to convince
me she was aces, unless you
count the way her sheets smelled
after she left to go take a shower

that was a trick, sure

lying under a large tree,
–strictly nondescript–
she tells me she hates
to wear panties
with a skirt

and the fact that she refuses to
shave her legs just gets me even
more bothered, hot, etc.

a knee folding up against her chest,
leaves brushed from a thigh smiling
where it meets calf

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