Alternative Aubade

Fig. 1. A Girl
Fig. 2. Me
Fig. 3. Glasses

Talking next to a TV, in front
you sprawl across my face, my
vision. Eye contact is indirect.
Maybe a smile is caught. This
is all. ‘Face facts: she is into
your friend; muscles, etc.’ In
to a living room, a bed, New
Yorker mags.

A Girl fools Me. New Yorkers are
yours? Hicok Aubade. Smitten.

Glasses enters.
Moments later.

There is a dawning in conversation, yes?
Flitting from one piece to the next, of
conversation of course! You read in staccato
everything. A sharp pulse is there with your
words; you do not know how else to read; it seems
you are drunk.

The study is where A Girl fucks Glassess.
Me goes home.

I look at the magazines.
I write the aubade.

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