June 12, 2012

Phantom lightning. This was
the last thought before sleep;
you see, I saw it,

just before I laid my body down,
and then my head, and then my
brain switched
to off, to dream, to…


Try as I might,
–& I know this sounds trite–
but I can’t not write

about what I miss.


‘You can fuck anyone’ he stated
duly, and puffed the cigarette
like a joint. He said this as

common knowledge is said.
But, he went on, ‘what I miss,’
puff, ‘what I can’t do anymore…’

and his friend broke eye contact
with the moon and shifted attention
to the human source of stimulus,


‘…I can’t hold anyone’s hand,
y’know? Why the fuck would
I hold anyone’s hand?’ And
his friend said, ‘yeah,’ and
went back to moon viewing.

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