June 3, 2012


So, I’ve started up this super epic rockin’ long ass poem that is taking up a lot of my time. (working title: Newyork Boy) That being the case, I’ve decided to–instead of just writing daily poems everyday–take an excerpt from my mega-piece I’m writing. So… here it is:

And as always bong hits, waterfalls,
gravity pipes. This brings the mist
probably, he thinks.
So for breakfast it is a hit, then
an apple, because hey, it keeps
stuff away, and I have to eat sometime,
yeah. He thinks. Today is the day
that the experiment starts.

But quick and true Jasper falls into view,
sliding into the kitchen from his room;
the ever vigilant gossip, the not-so
lovable roommate; yet the boy
needs him, he learns from him.

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