May 6, 2012

inspired by
“If She Wants Me”–Belle and Sebastian

The idea of a perfect task
of any source or in any
medium is too tempting;
(dear) being with you,
simply being with you

holds so much more
glimmer and glamor
and what else?


And joy, a raucous
and wild joy that fills us both with
a beautifully destructive light.

Forgive the violet hue of my text,
but does our friendship not have

a violent, spectacular note to it?
I think it does, and you know as


It is true, though, that being with you
my brain fills with
chemicals. While,
without your company I find myself
crashed and burned, dashed are honest
hopes of happiness.

Let’s picnic, if you’d like? Maybe we’ll
achieve that awesome high we used to
find so frequently.
I’ll loop my finger
through yours; we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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