April 20, 2012

It hangs in the air, blue-pale,
mist billowing about underneath.

Come closer, it seems to just
gesture with presence. Wickedly,

wind whips around the corners
of the tower. You shouldn’t be

here; you should be in bed. And
that leg shouldn’t hurt because

the wound healed years ago. It
moves. You stumble back, pain

rips up the bad limb as you place weight on it, and your hand shoots for the ledge, but it isn’t there. Just air, sky, more wind. Something opens up inside of you as pass through space; space between the top of the tower and the ground. It torments you all the way down, a translucent hand outstretched, an inch away from your fingertips. And then that smile on the face. That smile that says, “I could save you.” Your mind is on fire, scrambling to discover what this means. The corners of her lips, that tear in her eye, she could touch your hand, she could—

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