April 16, 2012

Warm light would have filled my room
long before either of us opened our eyes. The
lack of blinds would have assured it. Me, awake

first. And just in time to see you turn on your
stomach, drooling slightly. Your hair would
have a wild stance about it, and your eyes do that

thing where they flutter; not fully closed or…

I’d have kissed your lower back, then a shoulder
blade, then the top of your head, then I’d slide
out and make you brunch. (It would be around
noon, you see.)

Eggs, toast, grits, ketchup and of course a Bloody
Mary, garnish and all; then, the gifts.

While you
worked on the rest of your drink and food, I’d
clean dishes and try and imagine a morning better than this.
Of course I fail to do so.

You’ve left me wishing…

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