The Jellyfish Come Out At Night



Guy: Wears striped pajamas.

Forrest Wears nothing. He is naked. Until he puts on those boxers.

Jellyfish: What does a jellyfish wear?


A room of some sort. There are two beds, and a man is sleeping in each. The beds should be placed far away from each other, at opposite ends of the stage. There is a night stand next to each bed with a lamp on top.

GUY               (groaning in his sleep)

FORREST      Wow!

(snapping awake violently. He reaches for a lamp on  a night stand by his bed. He turns it on)

What a dream I had.


(waking up; groggily)

hmmm? What’s that?

FORREST      I had the strangest dream. I was climbing a ladder…

GUY               Okay man…

FORREST      And there was fish raining down from above…

GUY               Man, I’m sleepy…

FORREST      …and I had a box of chocolates under my arm…

GUY               ok, man, okay.

FORREST      and I was naked the whole time.

GUY               You’re naked now…

FORREST      Nearly. I have sheets over me. Surely that counts as covering.

GUY               (waking up) Well of course you are covered by the sheets, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t naked. You’re just naked under the sheets.

FORREST      Well if you use that logic, aren’t you naked under all you’re clothing as well?

GUY               Certainly. But I’m not wearing clothes am I?

FORREST      You’re wearing pajamas.

GUY               These hardly count as clothing! Look at these stripes!

FORREST      I’m not getting into this.

GUY               Fine.

FORREST      Its just… if we go by your logic… then we’re all naked.

GUY               Yes. (beat) Underneath our clothes anyway.

FORREST      (pause) I want some chocolate. I didn’t get to eat any of the chocolate in the dream.

GUY               It doesn’t matter. (settling back in to sleep) You wouldn’t have been able to taste it anyway.

FORREST      What makes you say that?

GUY               (taken aback) It’s a dream Forrest. Jesus.

FORREST      But if your mind controls all of your senses, and you’ve tasted chocolate in the past, couldn’t your mind recreate the taste of chocolate….

(Jellyfish bursts on stage from the right wing.)

JELLYFISH   oouuhghwWA!!! Aaaahhh!!!

FORREST      Shit!

GUY               What the fuck!?!

FORREST      Shoot it Guy! Shoot the fucker!!

JELLYFISH   No don’t shoot!!


(pulls out a gun, from under his pillow(?))

I’m gonna shoot!!

FORREST      Shoot!!

(GUY unloads six shots into JELLYFISH. Everyone screams)


(GUY gets out of bed and walks over to JELLYFISH. FORREST gets out of bed, looks down and realizes he is naked and then reaches through his sheets and pulls out some boxers. He puts them on and walks over to JELLYFISH)

FORREST      Good shot.

GUY               Yeah…


(weakly. He is clearly dying)

You didn’t have to shoot. I just… (coughs) I just wanted to… (coughs) kill you, and rape… (cough) and rape your sisters… I just wanted to… I was going to eat your intestines… (coughs) Why…  I… I’m… a monster. (coughs) a monster dammit! (coughs) I… I… I loved life. I… (coughs violently and dies)



In hindsight, I don’t regret my choice of actions at all.

FORREST      damn…

GUY               Not at all.


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