An edit here, an edit there

I’m re-launching my poem-a-day project for the third time. This time I plan to not be late with any postings, and, (get this), I’m going to be going at it for at least a year.

A year!

All my old daily poems can now be found under the Poetry tab. There are some stinkers in there, but then, there are maybe some ones that don’t stink quite as much.

If anyone was wondering about my book: yes, I’m still working on it. Everyone always told me that editing was the longest and hardest part of writing.  I mistook that notion as a false promise, but somewhere, deep in my heart of heart of hearts,  someday,  I knew I was really going to have to deal with editing something big and unruly and riddled with errors. Well, that someday is now, and that something is this stupid book I’ve written.

It’s hell I tells ya. Wish me grande luck.

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