Poems go on break, virus fixed, novel miracle

I’ve recently had to take, without warning, a break from my daily poems. I got a virus on my computer from some torrent site I traveled to via 4chan. The worst of it was, I got the virus, not from porn, but rather, from downloading Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. Not only was my computer riddled will bullshit spyware, but I couldn’t even listen to Young. Also, I was (err… still am) behind with my Nanowrimo novel.

Though, fear not loyal reader! The poems will return and I think I might be able to finish this novel in time.

Oh! And my computer is fixed, virus free. I’m listening to “Old King” as I type this. So, yay for that. Here’s an excerpt from the novel. This will be my last update till the first of December. Gotta focus… on writing… and stuff….

-keep in mind, this shit is unedited and whatnot-


We’re sympathetic to your position,” Kapi explained. “No one ever assumed this would be easy on you. As I said earlier, the prophecy is fuzzy on the details, but it was believed that when the events started to fall into place, when the prophecy started to reveal itself…”

“…when the Chosen Tyrant was to rise to power…” his Majesty helped out.

That’s right. We… well, I had no idea, but people, I think, assumed you would be older. You know, trained, with a plan. All of that. Remember, every person in the Second Realm expects the Four to save them. “

Chris, once again, was speechless. He knew this. This was why he was freaking out. Were they just now realizing how much his life was fucked? How much everybody’s lives were fucked? Literally every single person he laid eyes on seemed more qualified than him to save the world.  

We want to make these transitions as painless and easy as possible,” Kapi continued. “We know they won’t be, but we can try.” It looked from the king to Loggins. “I will train you and prepare you.” Kapi gestured towards Devin, “his Majesty will offer you support and the Four will get the help from his Majesty’s allies. We can’t give you back the life you once had, but we can help you make a new one; we can help you fulfill your destiny.”

There was a pounding in Chris’s ears; his head felt full of blood. He tried to think past it, to even look up and just hold a gaze, but he couldn’t manage. The pounding gave way to a buzzing, and his vision swayed. He thought about crying, about screaming, but he settled on just trying to speak. First, he was going to have to swallow this lump in his throat. But his mouth was too dry. No, it was no use. Just try and power through it. Be a fucking man.

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