Finally, right?

The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things,
like this fucking fantastical fiction story I’ve been working on. I wanted to have something posted such a long time ago, but I’ve been unusually (even for me) lazy these past couple of weeks. Today, waking up feeling positively shitty, I figured I could just stay on the couch/in bed and write, and post those things I write. Well, it looks like I might do just that. I’ve posted the first page of the story I’m writing, as well as a coupe of sketches my little bro Evan has supplied.

Please enjoy.

And next time, I will be quicker to update, I promise.

I’ve actually got this crazy idea, I’ll just tell you about it. It involves watching an episode of Two and a Half Men (hear me out on this one) and in the span of that episode, write a 23 page script for my own television show. I posit this: my crappy, sloppy, sure-to-be-shitty show will be a hundred times better than the nightmarishly inane Two and a Half Men. So keep an eye out for that.

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