Lost poems, Hunger Games, etc.


Hi. It’s Shane Gannaway. I’m the author of the things you see on this site. I am doing this video post. It’s actually, I’ve transcribed, um, this below, so it’s a written post. I wanted to make something visual too, because, um, I’m trying to get more visitors and and videos are in these days.

I’m doing that; if you look up, you’ll see me talking and saying what you’re reading. Um… ah… Oh! the reason I’m doing this post, is uh, to launch (bumbum bum bumm) my lost poems, I … (it sounded cool when I thought of it). I wrote a bunch of shit in this moleskine… Yeah, right thats, thats the product that I um, advertise, unofficially for them… there’s a post about it,uh, somewhere. Right, I had a bunch of poems that I had in this moleskine, and I never put ’em down on the website even though I said i would, Or I never, I never even put them in my computer I didn’t send them out anywhere I didn’t do anything with them/ and that’s what I’m giving you; are these mostly unedited um, lost poems,

Ummm, ah… I think that’s about it…

Oh! I want to write I finished a book called the hunger games. It was kind of cool I had a lot of problems with it, I dunno… maybe I’ll do a review or something. It was a cool young adult book, it was really violent, which I loved; but, um I am actually going to uh, take a moment to, um, promote this book: The Magicians um by Lev Grossman. It’s fantastic, guys. It’s one of my favorite books my dad, uh, doesn’t like fantasy books, and I got him to read it, so don’t let that deter you. –ell, it’s kind of like if Harry Potter were, were like real life, -a- I hate saying that it sounds so stupid. Read it. Oh and um, enjoy these lost poems. I want to write maybe Austin Tooley, this good friend of mine; I think he’s writing a young adult book right now, a young adult novel. And um, and after reading the Hunger Games and hearing what he’s doing, I’m inspired to do it. I already have an unfinished novella-thing and then like three novels that I started, and I’ve got this… wow! but I’m going to start another one I promise you this, world: I will write a young adult(s) book a little novel and it’s gonna be fantastic. I’m gonna get my little brother Evan to do artwork, and I’m gonna post uhm, excerpts from the novel, as I write, and uh, my little brothers artwork. So, um, look out for that that’ll be super cool.

That’s it. Hahaha. Oh okay. (swallows water, looks at camera).

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