I’m not dead

… despite the vicious rumors. I took my recent venture into Austin as a vacation from posting daily on this site, which means, (unfortunately, I suppose) that my poem-a-day-run has ended. In the very near future, (maybe tonight!!) I will be posting my essay for mix numero one. Also, I’m going to finish that shitty novella thing I started, I swear. That will happen and… um, I think I’m going to start writing an epic poem. Have I mentioned interest in this yet? The idea has been bouncing around in my brain for a while, and I even have a line (or stanza) or two written out.

Meh. Some silly epic poem involving girls and space fights will be my next project for this site, so look forward to that, if that’s, I don’t know, like, your thing, or whatever.

Whew. Commas. I need to calm down.


I’ve started an untitled podcast with the ever essential Carrie Griffin, so that will be somewhere on the internet soon. Watch out.


Rachel! (if you happen to be reading this)

Letters. To You. I promise.


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