A fantastic new idea

Here’s the skinny folks. I love making mix cds. Honestly, this affection probably exceeds the normal persons level of love for this particular task. Here’s my terrible fucking problem:

I don’t have a car anymore. To be fair, my last car never had a tape player, much less a cd deck. But, my parents had a car  that played compact discs, and they trust me a fair amount. So, imagine me in Texas, driving through the state blasting my shitty mixes in a Honda hybrid. Now, wipe that  from your memory. Forever. In New York, I ride the 6, reading poetry in attempts to attract some girl equally as pretentious and self-deprecating as myself who thinks that a lonely, baggy-eyed douche-bag reading Whitman is attractive. I remain alone, obviously.

But enough of that shit; here’s my fantastic new idea. I have no outlet for my mix-making obsession. As a result, any girl that  has recently talked to me and smiled has immediately received an offer for a “Shane-Gannaway-original mix tape.” In order to curb this pathetic practice, I’m offering free mix cds to anyone that is interested. Here’s how it works:

Every week I will painstakingly construct a mix and, anyone who has contacted me within that weeks time, will receive the mix I made. As in… I will mail it to you. You will get a cd with fourteen tracks, a track list with some stupid little drawings, and a pseudo-essay that explains why I made the mix the way I made it. (Spoiler alert: I was just drunk.) Hopefully this will sate my hunger for the mix, and maybe I’ll entertain some people in the process, through my unique combining of obscure nerd- rock.

Now who wants a mix tape?*

*When I say “tape,” I mean, CD.


a little post. script.

go ahead and email me your address, if I don’t have it. (I don’t)

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