Flash Shuffle Fiction #1

songs played during writing:  “Cry For A Shadow”  – The Beatles, “The Big Country” –Talking Heads, “Will You Come And Fetch Me” – Of Montreal, “Twenty Flight Rock” –The Proclaimers, “Brother” –Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, “Hallelujah, I Love Her So” – Ray Charles, “So They Say” – Dr. Horrible Soundtrack, “Long, Long, Long” – The Beatles

Long, Long, Long

The beer bottle was sweaty, but not like it is on the commercials. The condensation didn’t trickle down in attractive drops; rather, the moisture on the glass seemed greasy and un-fun to touch. George touched the bottle anyway. He had to, goddammit, to drink the fucking beer. Taking a swig every time someone walked into the bar. Gay… a vegetarian… an s&m addict… a sailor…

George guessed at the character of each person, taking the same swig each time. When She walked in though, there was no sip of beer. She was familiar. George knew Her. No back-story necessary. So instead, George marked Her entrance with a spit-take. No one noticed.

Well, She did. Smiling, She walked up to George, the poor bastard. She didn’t even ask, She just sat down and ordered a scotch on the rocks. George ordered a shot.


“Remember when my elevator was broken? for a week? and you came everyday, because I was sick?”

“An eight story walk-up,” George remembered.

“Well, that’s what it turned into,” She sighed that stupid sigh She always sighs. George was on the razors edge, and She couldn’t care less. “I wouldn’t live there again if you paid me,” She continued.

“Weird,” said George, “I was just gonna ask if you wanted to move back.”

She gave him a weird look.


“It’s closer to my place.”

And She laughed, and picked up the last round of drinks, and George asked if She wanted to split a cab…

but at that point, it was too late. She was gone. Not really of course. Literally, in reality, she was still standing still in front of George, spinning. But then again, not really; the couple of feet between them was now miles of nothing, and around that was miles of nothing, and George was alone, and She was a distant star that he could never reach because he didn’t have the technology.

“I’ll see you later, yeah?” She said, six blocks away in a cab.

“I mean…”

well fuck, George thought.

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