Breaking bulletin. Really.

I’ve pretty much decided, just this night, that a year from now I wanna be in Canada. I’m not sure where yet. Places I’m looking at include: Ottowa, Toronto, Brandon, Moncton, and Fredricton. An obvious reaction is “why? why Shane, would you leave all your friends and family, any place you’ve ever called home, to go to Canada?”

Man… I don’t know. I have no idea. But, I imagine it would be cheaper than moving to England. Really people, I have no purely logical reason for wanting to move. I just do. I’m fucking restless, I suppose. And do we honestly need reasons to just get up and move? If you’re laden down with responsibilities and such,  (children, marriage, etc) then I guess just arbitrarily moving to another country would be pretty difficult. But I’m not dealing with any of that shit. Not yet, at least. One of these days I may have large and depressing responsibilities to deal with. But not today. Well, fuck… I mean, literally today, I do have a lot of problems. Financial shit. Y’know, loans and stuff. Hopefully in around a year shit will be sorted out. Yeah, I’ll plan. I won’t just hope shit’ll get sorted out; I’ll sort out said-shit. And then, I’ll just fucking live in another country for a bit. It’s that easy, yeah? Why wouldn’t it be?

On a bit of a different note, I’m seriously considering donating sperm. Yes, it would be for money, but I’d also be helping out needy lesbians, or whatever. I’m not completely fucking around. Sincerity is slathered all over this post, I swear. Donating sperm is a ridiculous process, too. You have to go days without sex, which admittedly, doesn’t affect me much at the moment. But for some reason you can’t masturbate either. Don’t know whats up with that.



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