Some promise, again

I’m making a promise, to the couple of people that visit this corner of the wordpress universe, that tonight, before eight o’clock (whatever time zone NY is in)

I will have posted more of that silly novella I’ve been working on. And quite a bit more, I think. We’ll see. Anyway… that’s going on…

I guess I’m making a promise to myself, if anything. You know? Because that’s why I’m posting this. It’s like some proof that I’m accountable for something.
As an unemployed writer, I have to set my own deadlines. Weird.

today’s poem is a bit Armantrout-esque I think. Maybe? A little? Sure. A


for you guys: this poem-a-day thing is a lot of fun. It slows down time, which is great. I turn 24 this year and I want the time in between to fucking drag.

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