Here is stuff

So I’ve been thinking of how to make this website more entertaining. ‘Cause right now, all it’s got is poetry, and that shit is lame. In order to not have this wordpress just turn into some masturbatory online hipster diary, I’ve come up with some fantastic ideas to spice this site up. Heeeere are a feww.

1. I’m gonna start writing stuff that’s not poetry. Like, short stories and… and, novellas? Fuck. I don’t want to write a whole novella specifically for this little wordpress. But guess what? I’m gonna do it. I just decided it. Right now. This instant. First portion of the novella is gonna be posted tomorrow. Probably around 1 am. Check it out.

2. Videos, man. It’s the future. People like moving pictures. I’m going to start reading some of my favorite poems from some of my favorite poets. These will be recorded somehow, links will be posted, or something. I don’t know. I’m still figuring Internet out.

3. I’ll probably post some scripts of projects I’m working on.

4. Poetry battles.

Yeah. That seems like a pretty neat list so far.

I’m gonna go drink some coffee now,





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