Things I have noticed

Girls in New York, guys. If I can make some super sweeping generalizations real quick:

1. You guys are all so tall? What’s up with that?

2. All girls have long hair. Everywhere. Long hair. No pixie cuts?

3. Everyone likes older guys. NO EXCEPTIONS, clearly. I have to date a high school girl (chick) because I’m not in the 28-45 zone. Girls love guys in that zone. Especially so if  the guys are overweight and have a beard, and crushed dreams.

4. Why do you date gay guys so frequently. You know they’re gay.

5.  I can’t think of a real fifth thing. I’ll say this. There are way more dumb girls in New York than I thought there would be. So, that’s not coo l…









2 thoughts on “Things I have noticed

  1. 2. of course you would have a problem with that.
    3. this seems to be the case everywhere, sorry. I hate it too.

    5. have you considered it may have something to to with the area of NYC you live?

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