I’m selling out to the man; your man.

I have no idea what that title means. Search me, please.


I’ve just had a fantastic idea. I came up with a series of advertisements for Moleskine. You know, those “legendary notebooks” that every Starbucks poet has nowadays? (I’m including myself of course). Well I think I should star in a series of commercials that involve me unenthusiastically selling the famous poetry-artistic-douche-bag notebook.   One would be just me saying

“Hi I’m world famous poet, Shane Gannaway. When I write shit, I write on all kinds of other shit. Like random slips of paper, my arm or hand, books, magazines, receipts, other peoples receipts, Moleskine notebooks, sometimes…

“I mean, they’ve got a lot of paper in them, and that’s good for writing on, and stuff. So you know, when they’re around, sometimes, I use them. If I’ve got a pen. Frequently I don’t”

And then another ad would have these two very attractive women freaking out because I’m looking at them and writing in a Moleskine. One of them says:

“Look! that’s world famous poet Shane Gannaway.

the other:

“Yes, it is! Do you think he’s writing a pseudo-Modernist-pastiche-of-the-sonnet for us?”


(looking directly into camera)

ME: I’m really just sketching what I think their boobies look like in my Moleskine.

(close up on sketches of boobies)

ME: Let’s see if I can find out.

(wink, puts on cool shades, struts off towards ladies.)


I think these ads have a lot of potential for various reasons, which of course I will go into, in more detail, some other time.




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