It has happened

You’ve seen it. I have created some sort of website/ blog/ thingy, in order to host my writing.  Inspired immensely by the ever controversial Poncho Peligroso, I have finally, it seems, succumbed to … what, I cannot truly express. Surely, some sort of devilish internet-sprite, whose only want in life is to spread the desire for intellectual masturbation, has possessed me; feverish from the demon’s terrible spell, I have given birth to this cyber domain you see before you. “Cyber domain” refers to “website” in this case, if that wasn’t clear.


here it is. In its baby form. Later will come more poetry, and then, like, I don’t know, a short story?

Probably I’ll be posting pictures of Pokemon and stupid youtube videos.

It’ll be like a tumblr, that you can’t see on tumblr, for some reason.

-Shane Gannaway




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